Huma Concept carefully selects solid wood of Turkey origin. The wood is ‘slow dried’, this is a natural process of drying the wood and takes at least 3 years or professionally kiln dried. Wood is a living natural product and can respond to changes in temperature and humidity by expanding or shrinking. The knots or cracks that can be seen are natural characteristics, not considered errors, or faulty by any means. Each piece of wood is unique in its look and structure, texture and color.

Natural wooden material in Turkey is very well known by the seller but the buyer’s does not technically know wooden material. Therefore, the buyers are at the mercy of the seller companies at every stage.

In order to use a solid wood furniture in a long-lasting,  wooden  materials must go through the following procedures.

  • After removal of trees, tree trunks and large branches, etc. cut to the required thickness to make products
  • After the cutting process is made and stacked in the form of logs, plenty of water is given to the logs and steaming process is applied.
  • After steaming, the logs are taken to the kiln and the trees remain in this kiln until the humidity decreases to 10-12%.
  • Drying time varies according to tree species. After this process, the trees are removed from the kiln and left to airy places where the prevailing wind will be affected but not affected by weather conditions such as rain or sun.
  • Trees can be used as furniture after approximately 5-6 months from the end of the mowing process. At the end of these processes, there is no rotation, distortion, cracking or cracking in the wood. After these procedures insects such as sub-bark beetles and tree worms wont be in a dried tree.